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915 West  End Avenue is a 120,000 SF 15-story multifamily building commissioned by a prolific upper west side builder Joseph Paterno (whose initials were inscribed above the entrance), designed by Rosario Candela and completed in 1922 at a cost of approximately $625,000. The building was designed  in Renaissance Revival style, and is laid out as two wings around a central core with outer court. Boiler room, laundry facility, oil tank, and incoming services are located in the basement. Lobby and 94 apartments are located on floors 1 through 15.

In 2015 the building was included into Riverside-West End Historic District Extension II, and is subject to certain Landmarks restrictions.

Following the $ 85.5 million acquisition by a group of investors, Morozov was retained to evaluate the existing heating, plumbing, gas and power distribution systems. Our engineers worked closely with the owner’s architects and marketing team to identify and carry out short payback upgrades to support the investors’ conversion and repositioning program to the ‘best-in-class’ multifamily rental.

915 West End Avenue is one of several Morozov projects along the historic West End Avenue ( 347 West End and 309 West 86th Street )

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