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We provide quality, responsive and practical engineering design solutions that meet our client’s needs.

Our designs are greener, leaner and cost-effective.

HVAC Engineering
• Complete Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System Design
• High-end, Custom Design for Residential, Commercial, Multifamily, Educational and Institutional Spaces
• Variable refrigeration volume systems design and optimization
• Heat recovery and renewable energy sources
• Geothermal unitary systems
• Central Chilled Water, Condenser Water, Hot Water, Geothermal and Steam Plants
• Thermal Storage and Buffer Systems
• Fuel conversions

Electrical Engineering
• Complete Building Power Distribution
• MV and HV Building Service Design
• Emergency Power and Stand-by Power
• Electrical service upgrades

Fire Protection Engineering
• Sprinkler and standpipe systems design

Plumbing and Sanitary Engineering
• Domestic water distributions for lowrise and highrise buildings
• Sanitary and storm drainage systems
• Storm water collections
• Cross connection applications for water and sewer services

Special and Progress Inspections
• Mechanical Systems
• Sprinkler Systems
• Heating Systems
• Chimneys
• Firestop, Draftstop, and Fireblocking Systems
• Energy Code Progress TR8 Inspections

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