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Resilience is the new sustainability.


To us, resiliency means an ability to quickly adapt to changes. The most obvious challenges are due to the changing climate with higher temperatures, sea level rise, flooding, drought, and wildfires. Risk and challenges from non-climate-related natural disasters, such as earthquakes and solar flares, and anthropogenic actions like terrorism and cyberterrorism, also call for resilient design. Resilience for businesses and organizations means maintaining continuity of operations in the face of stress and disturbance. Resilience for buildings it means an ability to respond to natural and manmade disasters by providing potable water, sanitation, livable conditions, energy, lighting, safe air, and occupant health.

We help our clients assess and quantify risks to their build assets, and implement measures to mitigate them. We provide technical and strategic recommendations for facility design, system specifications, methodologies and processes, and business continuity.


Our services include:

  • Advice on design of buildings and building systems capable of handling severe storms, flooding, wildfire, and other impacts that are expected to result from a warming climate

  • Design passive heating and cooling strategies for loss of power or heating fuel

  • Provide risk assessment based on future climatic conditions

  • Advice on site selection

  • Advice architects or owners on material and component selections

  • Design of redundant water supply and sewage systems

  • Design redundant power systems and on-site generation

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