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The Young Women’s Christian Association was founded in 1888.  The goal of the organization was to provide a meeting place for young women who were employed in retail stores, as office workers and other occupations throughout Brooklyn. These young ladies could listen to lectures, concerts, enjoy the reading room, and receive Christian instruction, if so desired. It was the first major organization of its kind in Brooklyn to be entirely run by women.

In 1928 the Y has moved to its current building at 30 Third Avenue. The 11-story building was designed by Frederick Lee Ackerman and Alexander B. Trowbridge. The building has always served as a multi-use facility, including 214 units of supportive, low-income housing for women, a theater, a pool, health and community services, etc. This was the first YWCA to integrate its residences and programs racially.

Morozov engineers were tasked with minor HVAC upgrades as well as a feasibility analysis for a co-generation module.

SCOPE   HVAC design, energy efficiency, CHP feasibility


YWCA of Brooklyn


30 Third Avenue


180,000 SF

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